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Tiliecon Oy prepares financial statements

Wondering how to prepare your financial statements? It is best to leave the preparing financial statements to a professional.

By having your accounting and financial statements handled by an expert, you save your own resources for your actual business. Fully electronic financial management software ensures that you get up-to-date accounting services wherever your business is.

Complete your current accounting effortlessly

For SMEs, the financial statements consist of the profit and loss account, the balance sheet and other notes. The profit and loss account in the financial statements records the expenses and income of the company or association for the current financial year. In general, the accounting period is the calendar year and its format is defined by the Finnish Accounting Act. Tiliecon Oy can help you with even the smallest accounting quirks.

According to the Finnish Accounting Act, the financial statements consist of:

  • Accounting of profit and loss

  • The balance sheet

  • Annexes (Accounting of profit and loss and balance sheet)

  • Cash flow statement

  • The financial statement.

Comprehensive services for start-ups as well as experienced businesses.

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