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Tiliecon Oy is located in Kuusamo in the beating heart of the city at Kitkantie 8. Tiliecon Oy is a truly entrepreneur-serving accounting firm, which, in addition to accounting, helps to increase your company's business results. Concrete actions to improve performance are taken, such as reducing costs, increasing turnover, getting pricing right, exploring new markets, etc. We will draw up a plan of practical actions. Margin calculations can be used to accurately determine the return on sales, the margin requirement, and the ideal selling price. They can also be used to monitor the profitability of the company. Business profitability can also be monitored through cash flow statements. The cash flow statement shows the actual liquidity of the company. Investment calculations are used to verify the profitability of investments. We draw up budgets based on the company's plans. We also carry out financial calculations when your company needs external financing. The financial calculations also help you plan your investments. For start-up entrepreneurs, we draw up the incorporation documents and also take care of notifications to the authorities. We also take care of your payroll professionally. We offer accounting and payroll services for both small and large companies.


Electronic accounting services

We provide you with a comprehensive range of fully electronic financial management services. Our easy-to-use and versatile financial management software ensures up-to-date accounting. We are involved in the development of our clients' businesses and support them in changing situations, such as the transition to electronic financial management or change of ownership. Electronic financial management enables us to serve our customers smoothly and in a customer-oriented manner throughout all of Finland. Customers have reported that switching to electronic financial management has made it easier for them to track their expenses and reduce the time it takes to print and send accounting vouchers. We provide accounting services using Netvisor software. If you have another program, we can also do perform accounting services by using your program. Tiliecon provides reliable and professional accounting, bookkeeping, financial statements, invoicing, collection, company formation, payroll and tax management services. You can use the Visma Dueto collection service, which is included in Netvisor. Our staff is knowledgeable and we train them regularly. We train our client companies how to use the Netvisor software.


Up-to-date and accurate record-keeping is invaluable.

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Financial statements

How did it go? What to do differently in the next financial year?

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Good and managed tax planning pays off.

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One less thing to worry about - order accurate payroll!

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Contact details

Everything you need for successful financial management.

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How should micro-entrepreneurs manage themselves to react to change in a planned way? Which management activities should be carried out by the entrepreneur and which should be outsourced? These and other questions are answered by microentrepreneurs Milja Hokkanen from Tiliecon Oy and Teemu Pehkonen from Kulkukoira Oy, interviewed by My Studio. Milja's job keeps her busy with the financial side of micro-enterprises, while Teemu is focusing on developing his company's e-commerce services during the Corona virus pandemic period.


This is the second season of the MyStudio podcast series of online micro-entrepreneurship studies, where we meet entrepreneurs, professors and other influencers to discuss microenterprise management.

You can also listen to the podcast here.

We provide a professional service and we always take the needs of our customers into account. We deal with limited companies, partnerships, associations, households and other types of companies in a customer-oriented manner, helping them remotely or on-site. Tiliecon Oy handles both traditional binder clients and clients using electronic systems, using the best financial management systems. We have customers from a wide range of industries all over Finland. We are committed to providing our customers with an inspiring customer experience. That's why our customers are satisfied.

Milja Hokkanen

Milja Hokkanen
CEO, Entrepreneur, Accountant



"It is very important to me that the customer receives a cost-effective service. You can confidently leave your finances in our hands."

"Our range of services is suitable for even the largest companies. I always work with the client to develop a plan for managing their finances according to their needs."

Our comprehensive services

  • Managing the sales ledger
  • Managing the purchase ledger
  • Cash management and cash flow forecasting
  • Budgeting and ex-post accounting
  • Project and site-specific profitability calculations
  • Interim reports and financial statement analyses
  • Financial calculations
  • Pricing advice and cost accounting
  • Investment calculations

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