Expert accounting services for active entrepreneurs


Up-to-date and accurate record-keeping is invaluable.

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Financial statements

How did it go? What to do differently in the next financial year?

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Good and managed tax planning pays off.

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One less thing to worry about - order accurate payroll!

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Everything you need for successful financial management.

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Tiliecon Active
For practitioners
For micro-enterprises
For associations
From € 49/month
Tiliecon Plus
For practitioners
For micro-enterprises
For associations
From € 150/month
Tiliecon Pro
For practitioners
For medium-sized
For associations
From € 250/month
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Financial administration from your partner


From Tiliecon, you get an expert person to manage your business' financial matters. In addition to accounting and taxation, you also get payroll service and, if you wish, we can also take care of your company's billing.


In addition to bookkeeping, Tiliecon's expert can also provide financial support if necessary


Much more for planning in the different stages of your company's growth. We support your business in changing situations.


Is there a lack of association?

Operations inspector


If necessary, you can get an experienced person from Tiliecon to do an operational audit for your association or sports club.


Outsourcing of accounting 

Invoicing and the preparation of financial statements as well as the filing of official reports requires a competent person. Hiring an accountant is demanding, but accounting and outsourcing financial management to Tiliecon is easy and effortless.



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We serve expertly, always taking the customer´s needs into account. We manage limited companies, business     names, associations, households and other types of companies in a customer-oriented manner, using the best electronic financial management systems. We have customers from a wide range of industries from all over Finland. We are committed to ensuring that the customer receives reliable customer experiences from us. It is part of creating customer satisfaction.

"It is very important to me that the customer receives a cost-effective service. You can confidently leave your finances in our hands."

"Our range of services is suitable for even the largest companies. I always work with the client to develop a plan for managing their finances according to their needs."

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